Self-Reflective Blog Post Journal — Week 5 Module 5: Cybersecurity Architecture

Another successful and insightful week of learning.

Module Impressions:

Once more, another ideal module to learn from. The principles for designing a network architecture is invaluable, and learning the practical strategy of limiting available targets or making it difficult for cybercriminals to commit cybercrime on tightly secure cybersecurity, is a worthwhile knowledge to have been gained.

The second half of the module, although more technical, was interesting to learn from. The module’s activity was once again challenging but rewarding. I used to dislike the practical aspect of these assessments, in which for one of the main questions I had to draw something, but having got the hang of it, I’ve grown to enjoy doing it.

To what degree is a technical understanding of computer networks and cyberthreats necessary in order to secure a network?

I would say that a basic technical understanding would be necessary for ordinary users, while an advanced technical understanding would be necessary for cybersecurity or technical experts. As long as the ordinary user knows which defenses are ideal (such as the knowledge that a dedicated firewall is necessary in any cybersecurity), then the network will have a basic, but secure security in place.

How could you supplement your existing knowledge to bridge any gaps?

I would supplement my existing knowledge, with the advice of technical experts, to bridge any gaps.

Final Thoughts:

As always, I was pleased with this module. I am glad it steered clear from the superfluous nature of the second module and opted for the not-too-long, not-too-short content which I enjoy learning from. Now that I am more than halfway through the short course, I can confidently state that it has been worthwhile.