Self-Reflective Blog Post Journal — Week 4 Module 4: Cybersecurity Culture

Daniel Lutrin
2 min readMar 30, 2021


It was another good week for learning; this module’s content had the exact amount of content I wanted to learn and the content itself was very interesting.

Module Impressions:

Once again, the first half of the module had not too long, not too short content to learn. Learning about the types of social engineering attacks was fascinating and the identification of social engineers who employs these social engineering tactics.

The second half of the module introduced SETA (Security Education, Training and Awareness) Programme, which is the way to foster a proper cybersecurity culture. The activity assessment was a vast improvement over Module 2’s assessment activity; Module 4’s assessment activity wasn’t superfluous, got straight to the point and was fun to do.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this module’s content; I am quite pleased.

What do you think the next big vector in social engineering will be?

I believe the next big vector in social engineering will probably be sophisticated phishing. Because awareness of ordinary phishing is becoming more widespread and easier to spot, cyberthreat actors will adapt to this and make more use of sophisticated phishing. Although sophisticated phishing involves more work, cyberthreat actors can achieve a greater payoff if the phishing succeeds, and is more preferable to spend fruitless hours on unsophisticated phishing which will fail 95% of the time.

How can organisations and individuals prepare for developments in social engineering?

Organisations and individuals can prepare for developments in social engineering by continuously being updated with the latest cybersecurity awareness and adapt to social engineering developments. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

Final Thoughts:

I am very pleased that I was accurate last week regarding my prediction that this module would have not too long, not too short content. This is the type of learning that is up my alley. If the last four weeks keep up this pace of learning, as with this module, then I will be extremely happy with this short course.