It’s been a long, eight weeks. After taking some time off to absorb everything that has transpired throughout this short course, I am able to put my final thoughts and reflection into context.

Module Impressions:

The first half of the module was learning about the types of cybersecurity incidents and how to prioritize them; from least threatening to most threatening. I was glad that I learned a way to deal with cyberthreats in a particular order, which makes it more efficient when planning preventative measures.

The second half of the module was learning about the phases of an incident response…

Module Impressions:

While there was a lot of content, due to its nature, it involved more reading than studying, which made up for it. The entire module dealt with learning the CIS 20 Critical Security Controls; these are prioritized, well-vetted and supported security actions that can be implemented to improve cybersecurity and address cybersecurity shortcomings.

There was also more activities to do in this module, but they were practice quizzes and the module activity assessment to test the knowledge gained from reading the CIS 20 Critical Security Controls. Actually, I noticed this was more of a practical module than the…

This week’s blog post came late due to load-shedding in my area.

Module Impressions:

Although this week’s content was slightly longer than usual, it didn’t interrupt my study rhythm and was still in the range of the not-too-long, not-too-short content which I have come to enjoy. This week in the first half of the module, I learned about the cybersecurity products, such as the types of firewalls, IDPSs and various scanner and analysis tools. …

Another successful and insightful week of learning.

Module Impressions:

Once more, another ideal module to learn from. The principles for designing a network architecture is invaluable, and learning the practical strategy of limiting available targets or making it difficult for cybercriminals to commit cybercrime on tightly secure cybersecurity, is a worthwhile knowledge to have been gained.

The second half of the module, although more technical, was interesting to learn from. The module’s activity was once again challenging but rewarding. …

It was another good week for learning; this module’s content had the exact amount of content I wanted to learn and the content itself was very interesting.

Module Impressions:

Once again, the first half of the module had not too long, not too short content to learn. Learning about the types of social engineering attacks was fascinating and the identification of social engineers who employs these social engineering tactics.

The second half of the module introduced SETA (Security Education, Training and Awareness) Programme, which is the way to foster a proper cybersecurity culture. …

It took a while to get used to transitioning to the legal aspect of cybersecurity, but I managed to do so.

Module Impressions:

I am glad that this module returned to being not too long, not too short content. Since this module was dealing with the legal aspect of cybersecurity, I was concerned with getting used to it. But since the module’s amount of content was similar to Module 1, I didn’t struggle to transition, which was a sigh of relief. The first half of the module gave useful documents, such as the NCPF, ECT Act, and the POPI Act…

I have fully adjusted to a new study routine and I am quite comfortable, being able to juggle between studying and personal life reasonably well.

Module Impressions:

I was looking quite forward to this module, considering I am no longer intimidated by the amount of work. The first half of the module (Unit 1) was interesting to learn; having knowledge of the various cyber threats and the malicious actors is very useful. The content was not too long, nor too short, which I was pleased with.

The second half of the module (Unit 2), while interesting, felt quite superfluous; the…

While searching for online work, I decided to take this short course, so that the contents this course will teach me, will greatly benefit the university degree I just completed, which deals in Information Technology.

First Impressions:

At first, I was somewhat intimidated because I though that there would be a huge workload to complete every week. …

Daniel Lutrin

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